What is your story?

My story is one of never giving up, extreme discipline, community and gratitude. I was born into the stereotypical Italian family with strong cultural roots. I also had a prescription pill addicted mom and WWII hero dad who suffered from undiagnosed PTSD. Life was filled with a large extended family insisting on cultural norms that our family never seemed to fit, but somehow we played along.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 24, disabled at 37 with two failed marriages most would have struggled to manage and at times I did. The truth is when the odds are stacked and only MacGyver could save you I am at my best.

Today using diet and lifestyle I am potentially one of the most healed in the world with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I see no western medicine doctors and take no drugs for the treatment of MS or anything to do with MS. At one time I took 14 pills a day, injected every other day with a disease modifying drug and lived with no use of my hands bilaterally, no feeling on the left side of my body, trouble swallowing with full time help and people living with me. I had spent my entire life savings on healthcare and was getting sicker and sicker by the minute. The MS population is the second longest and youngest living population in institutions in America and I was heading in this path at the age of 50.

Then I woke up!

I took control of my life and realized we live in a consumer driven society that is often dictated by cultural and societal norms. Norms we all seem to follow with little to no question or concern. Examples of this are that we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition we eat certain foods for each of those meals. There is no scientific reason we should eat three meals a day and what is dictated as meal appropriate simply based on consumer driven concepts and nothing to do with living your best life.

Amazing how we simply play the game of three meals a day most of us following along without question.

Not much different than when you take an over the counter medicine to prevent heartburn pizza gives you. We are programmed to do this instead of listening to our body and not eating the pizza. Once again we all just play along and ignore what our body is saying, and buy the antacid simply because this is the societal norm.

Today I move my body freely and can live independently. I manage every symptom from MS by myself using ONLY diet and lifestyle. I finally am able to live a fairly normal life after decades of suffering. I still have MS, but I no longer sit a victim in waiting for MS to do whatever it wants to my body and me.  

I am in control and the BOSS not MS!


What message do you like to promote?

In 2012, I founded a brand called PaleoBOSS Lady, Inc. that was started to create a community of consciousness around food. Today it has grown to be an international brand that has a following of people who as a collective are working toward optimal living with food being a piece of the puzzle.

The brand of PaleoBOSS Lady promotes questioning the status quo in an effort to bio-hack your life. This creates the most fertile playground for a passion driven narrative. The root of my healing comes from a conscious self-love mission that is the foundation for the miracle life I live which inspires the work I do.


In What Capacity do You LEAD UP in your community?

I actually just finished living in community touring the United States serving all of our brothers and sisters as part of the award winning “Taking it to the Streets Tour.” The tour had me for over two years driving America going from invited house-to-house living with strangers helping them tap their miracle life. For another year I toured in a converted van living in anyone’s driveway that invited me. My work drove about 100K miles and across the USA 10+ times serving in over 100+ homes to anyone who asked me to come.

Today the knowledge I gained on tour and my years of working and serving others I am taking the tour virtual by creating 100% accessible, FREE content sharing all the tools from my “Bag of Tricks” for miracle status.


In business and/or life share a struggle you overcame that women can relate to?

I have always been the only woman around the boardroom table. This did not come without many struggles from comments about my wardrobe to feeling devalued based on gender. I lived in the sales and marketing world which is a measurable position. So I chose to let my work to speak for me by hitting every number goal they gave me. I also prided myself on making it look easy. The ‘never let them see you sweat’ attitude served me well because confidence was my driving force. Not to mention, I found great comfort believing my work ethic somehow honored the many women before me who fought for my right to be at the boardroom table. As I strived to deliver 100% I felt the presence of every strong female role model who inspired me to be my personal best no matter what I faced.


Did you have a Mentor, Coach or Sponsor along the way that was essential to your growth and success? If so, who was it and why?

A sponsor who has changed my life both from a wellness standpoint and brand support is Elixinol. They are a global hemp based CBD company who continues to change the narrative around healthcare everyday. The year I spent on the road living in a van it was wrapped by Elixinol in hemp leaves. The goal was for me to educate the consumer.

Daily I was able to interact with people all over America about hemp and I loved every minute. The best part where the sheer number of people from all ages and walks of life that shared their CBD miracle story. It blew me away almost daily. Working side by side with such a change maker like Elixinol is expanding both my message and my reach, which is something, I am beyond proud of and grateful for on so many levels. Not to mention that such a global change maker partnering with me gave me a huge boost of confidence that I am in the right space doing what I am supposed to do.


What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do at PaleoBOSS Lady?

I love participating in community and sharing ways to create the life you dream of living. My story may include disease, addiction and dysfunction, which we all can relate to on some level, but at the end of the day what matters is whom you surround yourself with and identifying your options to foster change. The brand builds community and shares ways to tap your BAM life.

Building community is what the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady is all about. Together as a collective we begin to foster the life we dream of living. The brand offers a safe, judgment free space for the community offering insights into ways to bio-hack for optimal living. Watching others build a passion driven life guided by the work of the brand is the most rewarding aspect daily. Inspiring others to know they too can live their miracle life is what PaleoBOSS Lady is all about.


If you could give one piece of advice for the women who are entering the workforce or launching their own business what would that be?

Have a plan, trust your gut and never give up!

So often you hear people say I never did a business plan and it all worked out. I believe a well thought out plan creates the space for BAM. That does not mean you cannot deviate from the original concepts it simply means you have thought about each step just like a game of chess.

Trusting your gut it is the most powerful force we as women have. I believe we are given an almost 6th sense and should honor it.

Never ever give up on you! Simple realize that ultimately you are in charge and what you believe will be true. Never give up on believing in yourself.

View Diane’s TEDx Talk below:

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