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July Luncheon – Boston, MA

July 16 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Have you ever felt alone? Wondered where you fit in? It’s time to STAND OUT and find your PURPOSE!

Join us for three power packed hours as Lead Up for Women’s next stop is in Boston! We are traveling the Nation uniting women of all cultures, race, and diversity in realizing their greatest potential by inspiring and educating each other to lean in to their best self by tapping into your unique power; then in turn, you will inspire others to do the same. Learn what it means to lead without permission as we fill the hours with purposeful connections with attendees and local women, be inspired and motivated to be part of something bigger than yourself. We have engaged a strong panel of influential leaders with years of leadership knowledge and stories of bravery and confidence to share; Lead Up for Women welcomes Marilyn Brennan, Associate Director of Business Development at American & Interstate SigncraftersCaryl Mix, local Speaker, Life Strategist and Mentor for your mind, body and business; helping you find YOU again and Dr. Lori Monaco, Badass, Life Loving Speaker/Coach, believing in the awesomeness of humans and the need for silliness, laughter & Smiles; to share their experience and teach how business and personal success is possible for all women, including YOU!


Marilyn Brennan’s success throughout her career is based largely on her ability to connect with people quickly and deeply on multiple levels.  Though much of her career has been based in the project management area of business, it is always about understanding others needs and becoming an asset to the business relationship that almost always become a long lasting professional and personal connection.  Currently, Marilyn is the Associate Director of Business Development for American/Interstate Signcrafters, a multi-location National Sign Manufacturing company.  Marilyn’s core background in project management within the sign industry allows her to connect with clients through shared knowledge of the challenges within the signage area of business.  Marilyn never felt sales was an avenue she would have chosen, with a degree in Elementary Education and most of her work experience in project management and management, however, being able to utilize a strategic selling method of relationship building was a perfect melding of her core strengths and beliefs.  Marilyn is on several industry trade show boards and supports Women’s Retreats through CCR and the Women in Retail Receptions with SPECS.  Anyone who knows Marilyn, knows her true passion is her family and friends.  Mother to three millennial’s, Marilyn is quick to tell you that she continues to learn and grow from her incredible children.  Marilyn is excited to be a part of the Lead Up for Women organization and hopes to continue developing other strong, unique women.

Several years ago, a series of life altering events, literally left my world reduced to rubble in every aspect…physically, emotionally, and financially.  It had changed the trajectory of my life in a way that I couldn’t even imagine. Through supporting my husband through a broken lower back, my business being torn down in a relocation project, building it back up from scratch to battling severe anemia, (all happening at the same time…really?!) I have learned a thing or two about holding it together, juggling it all while having everything implode all around you and how to climb back out and amazingly enough find myself in the process. I honestly feel that sometimes we have to have everything come down all around us to be able to build it all back up, stronger and better. It finally took my hitting the proverbial wall to realize that I wasn’t even there anymore.  I was just going through the motions of serving everyone else’s needs but my own. I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  I was erased. Just putting out fire after fire. I was living reactionary in every aspect of my life. Who was I kidding? I had one husband, two businesses, three children and four employees, I had to have been out of my mind to think that I could “balance” everything while not even considering taking care of myself.   What was I thinking? While receiving iron infusions at the Cancer Center I was finally forced to sit still long enough to begin to examine every aspect of my life and begin the work of putting it all back together again. Using that time to examine what worked and what didn’t work allowed me to put my health back together again, rebuild my business and create a brand new career path that not only changed my life but also transforms the lives of others.  I am now and have been an entrepreneur for 21 years, I am a Speaker, Accountability Coach and Mentor, helping other busy women create systems to see their own goals through while finding themselves, helping them to create inner balance as opposed to looking on the outside for “balance” and teaching them how to lead a more fulfilling, happy life. When I’m not busy teaching, speaking or coaching you can find me on solo adventures seeing the world through the lens of my camera, hiding out at the beach or in the forest or spending time with my husband, three children, new daughter in law and my brand new grand baby girl.

Dr. Lori is a Transformational Speaker and Coach, loving Mom and a bad-ass, fun loving, be silly as often as possible Gen Xer who teaches people to get beyond themselves to unleash their greatness at any age.  Lori believes in the awesomeness of the human race, that we are all connected, that it’s up to us to save ourselves and this planet and that it starts now! She currently maintains a private practice at home coaching clients and teaches workshops and lectures locally and throughout the country. She has 3 daughters that totally rock and resides in Shelton, CT.

Luncheon Agenda

Check in / Registration 10:45

Lunch served 11 am

Introductions: Colleen Biggs, Co-Founder, Lead Up for Women (11:15 am)

How to Lead Up and leave the ladder down!

Purposeful Connections with attendees (11:45 am)

Group photo (Noon)

Women Leader Panel of Speakers (12:15 pm)

Marilyn Brennan, Associate Director of Business Development at American & Interstate Signcrafters

Caryl Mix, local Speaker, Life Strategist and Mentor for your mind, body and business; helping you find YOU again!

Dr. Lori Monaco, Badass, Life Loving Speaker/Coach, believing in the awesomeness of humans and the need for silliness, laughter & Smiles

Wrap-Up (1:55 pm)

VoiceAmerica™ Speak Up to Lead Up Voluntary Interview conversations

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